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So long jockey. And thanks for all the pizza!

So long jockey and thanks for all the pizza

Today marks the end of an era at Press Red Rentals. Nearly five years after he joined us as our first apprentice, Travis is leaving us to forge a new career. As a roofer.

It’s been an eventful time. The shy teenager that walked in the door has become a confident young twenty-something, who’s become a key member of our team. The non-driver who eventually got through his driving test and went on to drive all over Europe. After passing his trailer test, many of his journeys involved towing a wobbly box.

Travis quickly honed his technical skills and became a valuable part of our on-site team. Popular with customers and co-workers alike. Always a grafter, he’s gone above and beyond more times than we care to remember.

During the pandemic he’s helped to lead our diversification into garden decking.

The highlight of his time with us is his winning of the ESSA Young Person of the Year Award for 2019. It was the first time anyone at Press Red Rentals had won an award. The whole team were so proud!

We know that all good things must come to an end. It’s always a bugger when it does. But if Travis doesn’t try something new, will he live to regret it? If it doesn’t work out, there’ll always be a place for him here, in the Press Red Family.

So long jockey. And thanks for all the pizza!

You can follow Travis on Twitter and on Twitch – he’s also a Middlesbrough supporter, but we can’t all be perfect!

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We’re making a few changes

Now that we’re back in lockdown in the UK, we’ve decided to completely refresh our website. Our team will still be working in the warehouse and running deliveries for our Red Courier Services operation, in a safe, Covid-secure manner.

If you’re planning to rent audio-visual, sound, lighting, video and IT equipment for an exhibition or event later in the year, or for use in Covid-secure operations in the retail, education, broadcast, film and commercial production sectors, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Press Red Rentals Ltd: Telephone +44 1952 587049 – Email:

We look forward to hearing from you. Please take care and stay safe.