This is our policy for working with Covid-19: (PPE, Social Distancing, Hands, Face, Space) and how we keep our staff and customers safe.

This is our policy for working with Covid-19: (PPE, Social Distancing, Hands, Face, Space) and how we keep our staff and customers safe.

Working under COVID-19 in the Workplace Introduction

COVID-19 is an illness that can affect the lungs and airways, it is caused by a novel coronavirus and first appeared in 2019. Coronavirus is present in droplets formed in the respiratory system and can be spread through the air and on surfaces touched by infected people.

PRESS RED RENTALS LTD is committed to providing all necessary precautions, instruction and information as is necessary to minimise the potential exposure of our employees to the coronavirus and to allow them to work in a safe manner without posing risks to themselves or others who could potentially be infected as a result of work activities.

This procedure outlines the requirements for the review and revision of working practices to reduce the risk of infection, as far as possible, based on current government guidance.

This procedure is applicable to all personnel employed by, and/or working for PRESS RED RENTALS LTD.

Risk Assessment

 PRESS RED RENTALS LTD will review our work environments, practices and procedures to assess the risk from coronavirus and eliminate or control that risk, as far as possible. We will review current government guidelines on a regular basis and adapt our arrangements to align with guidance, as far as possible. If guidance cannot be followed, we will consider if a task is essential to our process and remove it, where possible, adapting our operations around any missing elements.

Isolation & Minimising Potential Contacts

 For some people, the potential severity of COVID-19 is higher than for others. The government has identified the following groups of people;

  • Clinically extremely vulnerable individuals – have been strongly advised not to work outside the
  • Clinically vulnerable individuals – who are at higher risk of severe illness (for example, people with some pre-existing conditions), have been asked to take extra care in observing social-distancing and should be helped to work from home, either in their current role or in an alternative

Workers who have been identified in either group will be helped to work from home wherever possible. Only for clinically vulnerable individuals, if working at home is not possible, we will complete an assessment of their risk before allowing them to return to work.

In addition, all job roles will be reviewed and those that can be performed from home without loss of effectiveness will be assigned to workers. Where additional equipment is required to allow workers to complete the role, this will be sourced and delivered to their home address, following social distancing rules.

The most effective control measure available is to prevent infected people from attending the workplace in the first place.

PRESS RED RENTALS LTD will ensure that workers displaying symptoms of COVID-19 do not present for work at any location and follow government household isolation guidance. We will further ensure that workers are provided with information about current government guidance at regular intervals and understand our arrangements with regard to absence reporting and sick pay.

Visitors to our workplaces will be asked to confirm that they are not displaying symptoms of COVID-19 prior to their visit. Furthermore, the number of visitors to our premises will be minimised and managed to ensure that the minimum number of visitors are on-site at any one time. Where possible, visitors will attend site when other movement of people is low (in between breaks, etc.) to reduce the amount of interaction.

Where possible, we will schedule service contractors to attend outside of core hours, to reduce the amount of potential interaction.

PRESS RED RENTALS LTD will review our delivery arrangements, to ensure that goods and materials brought to our workplaces are offloaded in a manner which minimises human contact and maintains social distancing, as far as possible. We will agree with our suppliers alternative arrangements to physical Proof Of Delivery documents or signing electronic hardware.

Where people work in teams or shifts, these will be fixed for the period of the pandemic, to ensure consistent pairing or teams of people and reduce interaction with other teams or shifts.

Where possible, we will implement drop-off points or transfer zones, where materials, resources, parts or samples can be transferred between workers who would normally pass items directly.

Social Distancing

 In line with government guidelines, we seek to maintain a 2-metre distance between all workers, whenever possible. We will inform all workers of this standing instruction and develop ways of reminding and encouraging them to observe social distancing.

The arrival and departure times for workers will be reviewed and revised, where possible, to reduce the potential for contact at entrances and facilities such as toilets, etc. Break times will also be staggered to allow the use of facilities whilst observing social distancing.

Where they do not already achieve 2 metre separation, workstations will be physically moved, where possible, to create a minimum of 2 metres between workers who use them.

Where workstations cannot be physically separated or realigned, we will review the task completed and decide if:

  • Workers can be moved so that they work back to back rather than face on
  • Workers can be moved so that they work side by side rather than face on
  • Screens can be installed between workers who can only work face on

Having reviewed that task, if none of the above options are available, we will seek to apply different controls, e.g. PPE, face coverings or review if the task is essential to the operation.

We will reduce the need for physical meetings as far as possible, by using telephone and video conferencing. Where physical meetings are unavoidable, only absolutely essential participants will attend them. They will be held outdoors or in larger rooms, where possible, and resources (pens, documents, etc.) will be kept to an absolute minimum, attendees will not share resources of any kind.

Movement around the site will be minimised, with workers encouraged to use telephones for communication, rather than travelling to speak with colleagues face to face.

Signage will be displayed to illustrate 2-metre intervals throughout the workplace, in particular;

  • Where congestion is likely at entrances and exits
  • Along walkways and corridors
  • Outside and within toilet and washing areas
  • In rest areas and canteens
  • In meeting rooms that are in regular use


We will increase our normal cleaning regime to a more frequent level.

We will review all hard surfaces throughout the work environment and create a frequent cleaning schedule for them. Items that may be used by multiple people will cleaned after each use.

We will review security devices and remove or disable those that require physical contact, where possible. Where this is not possible, handwashing or sanitiser facilities will be provided to allow workers to clean hands after contact.

Workers will be provided with suitable cleaning products and be instructed to clean down their work areas at the end of their shift, to include all hard surfaces. All waste and belongings will be removed from work areas at the end of each shift.

We will provide more waste collection bins and they will be more frequently emptied.

Hand Washing

Workers will be informed of the importance of frequent and thorough handwashing and will be encouraged to clean their hands regularly, before eating, smoking/vaping and after each use of the toilet. Posters will be displayed to encourage workers to wash their hands frequently and showing the correct hand washing technique.

Our normal handwashing facilities will be regularly inspected, and consumables will be topped up as required.

Where handwashing facilities cannot be installed, hand sanitiser dispensers will be provided so that workers and visitors can wash their hands when entering each work environment.


 During the period of the pandemic, all non-essential travel for work purposes, both on site and beyond is forbidden. Where travel is essential, the minimum number of people should travel in corporate vehicles, ideally using individual vehicles for individual people.

Where more than one person occupies a vehicle, they will sit as far apart as possible, facing the same direction and windows will be opened to increase ventilation.

All company vehicles will be cleaned before each handover, this will include;

  • Door handles inside and out
  • Steering wheels
  • Control stalks and dashboard dials/buttons
  • Handbrake levers
  • Seat belt buckles / release buttons
  • Window controls


 A record of our COVID-19 risk assessment will be updated on a regular basis and in response to worker feedback and changes to government guidelines.

We will display our Staying COVID-19 Secure certificate at the entrance to each workplace.

Cleaning schedules and records will be reviewed regularly to ensure we are maintaining standards.

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