A challenging week this week. Encouraging news from the Supreme Leader that we might be back in an exhibition hall this side of Christmas, as long as everyone behaves nicely and plays by the rules.

This positive start was then soured by the news that another three Audio-Visual equipment hire firms were either selling up or going bust. This is a direct result of an industry being forced out of business by a government that is deliberately choosing to not support an entire industry.

It gives me no pleasure to see competitors disappear. There will be staff facing an uncertain future, and inevitably skills that will be lost to the events industry forever. This can’t continue.

The demise of others makes me more determined to make sure that we survive so we are back on site when we’re allowed to be. I’ve been working in AV hire for over thirty-five years – we need to survive this so I’ve still got a job. No one wants to employ grumpy old gits anymore!

The encouraging thing is that we are now starting to see an uplift in enquiries for quotes from Q3 onwards both in the UK and Europe. If you haven’t asked me for a hire quote, why not get in touch?

Normally at this time of year we’d be heading down to Nuremberg for Embedded World. Here’s a gratuitous photo of a job from 2019…