Analogue Mixing Desk Hire

Analogue mixing desks have a lot going for them, even in a world of digital technology. For starters, they tend to cost less than digital mixing desks, and even an inexpensive analogue mixer can handle a wide range of sound-reinforcement applications.

The signal flow on analogue mixers is fairly simple, with inputs hard-wired to corresponding channel strips. All channel processing is literally in-line between the input gain and the output fader. Changing channel EQs or adjusting sends is as easy as reaching out and using whichever control you need to change.

for the non-technical user, the visual feedback all these individual controls provide makes an analogue mixer easy to use. Once you understand one analogue mixing desk, you can move to another with little or no learning curve.

 For modest sound reinforcement applications, analogue mixing desks are ideal. However, their limitations become apparent when it comes to larger and more technically demanding shows.

While the signal flow in an analogue mixer is simple, it’s also relatively inflexible. This often requires the addition of switching systems or patch bays.

Likewise, the lack of onboard signal processing can mean supplementing your mixing desk with outboard compressors, effects, and graphic EQs. Most of this processing is built-in to a digital mixing desk

We stock a range of analogue and digital mixing desks to suit all requirements. Our analogue mixing desks are listed below.

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Showing all 4 results