Microphone Hire

Whether you’re on stage or in the studio, giving a speech or leading a fitness class, you can bet that a high-quality microphone is going to greatly improve your performance. These days, you can find a suitable mic for almost any budget, but it’s important to know what kind of microphone you’re looking for. Should you go wired or wireless? Dynamic or condenser? Handheld or headset? It’s important to know which microphone is going to benefit you the most.

When it comes to a live performance, dynamic microphones are perfect because they are simple and durable. The rugged workhorse of the musician’s toolbox, dynamic mics can handle high sound volumes, are good at rejecting extraneous sounds, and are good at resisting moisture and shock. Because no power source is needed, dynamic microphones are always ready to perform on stage.

In the recording studio, condenser is king. Utilizing phantom power, a condenser microphone is able to pick up little nuances that a dynamic mic just can’t capture. On top of increased sensitivity, some condenser mics also offer multiple polar patterns so you can easily experiment with different micing techniques.

The beauty of microphones is there is no wrong way to use them. There are great condenser mics designed for live performance and great dynamic mics that can enhance your recordings. And let’s not forget about ribbon microphones, which are dynamic mics that are able to achieve a transient response similar to a condenser but with their own distinctive personality, making them great for both stage and studio.

Once you know what type of microphone you should get, the next step is figuring out what configuration is going to work the best for you. Beyond your traditional handheld and stand-mounted microphones, there are headsets, lavaliers, and podium mics, which are great for public speaking. There are also microphones designed specifically for overhead use which are great for choirs and stage productions.

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