PA Speaker and Subwoofer Hire

PA Speaker and Subwoofer Hire is a major part of our rental business.

We have a range of products that offer quality sound reproduction for crowds and audiences from 5 to 5000 people. Our speakers are suitable for use on exhibition stands, for conferences and for live entertainment such as theatres and concerts.

Without speakers, there’d be no noise whatsoever.  Loudspeakers project your sound to your audience. They take the electrical pulses from the microphones, mixing desks and amplifiers and convert them into sound waves. These soundwaves are what we hear from the speakers.

Most speakers are classed as “full range”.  They cover the range of frequencies from the bass or bottom end of the spectrum to the high frequencies or treble at the top. Sometimes, it’s desirable to have a bit more oomph in the bass end and so subwoofers which only cover the bass end are added to the system.

There are many ways to use a pa speaker. Most commonly is “front of house” at a venue. This means they point towards the audience and amplify the sound form the performers. Some speakers are used as monitors and point towards the performers on stage so that they can hear what’s going on.

All of our pa speakers and subwoofers are what is known as “active”. This term is used to describe when the amplifier is built into the speaker cabinet. By doing this, we save on transit space and cabling. There is also the advantage of the amplifier being perfectly matched with the speakers for ultimate efficiency.

Finally, a selection of mounting options is available for our pa speakers. We have wall brackets, floor stands and hanging brackets for most eventualities.

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Showing all 9 results