Wireless Microphone Hire

Wireless Microphone hire  is one of the fastest growing parts of our business.

Because there are no wires, the users of pa systems have the freedom to move around. The days of standing at one position on a stage to perform or present from have gone.

Moving around is the new standing still….

There are three main types of wireless microphones: handheld, lapel and headset.

All three types are fairly self-explanatory in that they each use a transmitter to send the sound to a receiver. Handheld wireless microphones are just like a normal microphone but without the cable. The transmitter is built-in to the actual microphone that you hold.

Lapel and headset wireless microphones work in a similar manner to a handheld, but use an external transmitter pack. The microphones plug into the pack which is then clipped to a belt or hidden in a pocket.

Lapel microphones (sometimes known as tie-clip or lavalier) are popular for studio or conference work where there is a lower ambient noise. Headsets are great for use on exhibition stands or live performance where noise levels are higher. Finally, the applications for handheld wireless microphones are endless.

There are two main frequency bands that wireless microphones are able to operate on in the UK. One is the licence-free Channel 70 which are frequencies between 863 – 865 MHz. The second are the frequencies between 606 – 614 MHz, also known as Channel 38.

Channel 38 requires a licence to use a wireless microphone, which we can co-ordinate for you. However, both frequency bands offer non-exclusive use, so interference from other users may occur. It is possible to licence more exclusive frequencies which we are able to organise on your behalf.

Our wireless microphone hire stocks are based around Sennheiser products – for more information, please see below.

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Showing all 6 results