Register Your Hire Voucher Here!

your hire voucher here

If you’ve received something special in the post, you’ll need to register your hire voucher here

Over the past few weeks our new price lists have been dropping through letterboxes the length and breadth of the UK.

Inside randomly selected envelopes, a number of lucky recipients have been sent “Hire Vouchers” entitling them to £1000, £2500 or £5000 of equipment hire fees absolutely free!

If you’re one of these lucky people who’ve received the shiny hire voucher in your envelope, you’ll need to register it here. Because the whole process is random, we have no idea who’s got the vouchers.

Why are we giving away “free hire”? Well, we know that times have been tough over the past year for our customers. The exhibition industry was one of the first to shut down due to Covid, and it will be one of the last to reopen. It’s also been one of the most neglected when it comes to receiving government support to stay alive.

This is our way of “giving something back” to the industry that’s supported us for nearly twenty years. It’s about supporting our friends and colleagues who have been building the exhibition stands on which we’ve been installing our equipment for nearly two decades. It’s about re-establishing a sense of community that we’ve missed by not being on site for nearly fourteen months.

To register your voucher, simply complete the form below, and then we’ll get in touch for a chat about how best to use your “free hire”. Should you have any problems registering your voucher, please get in touch

Sorry, the time period for registering your voucher has now ended.

Vouchers must be registered before 5pm on Friday April 30th 2021